Tips for looking after your Christmas Tree


There are many important steps to be taken as to keep your tree looking fresh, from the moment it is delivered, right through until Christmas day.

Looking after your freshly cut tree early will enhance its durability and ensure the tree retains that familiar pine aroma which has become a Christmas time tradition in many kiwi living rooms.


The most important step of all is to make sure your tree has a constant supply of water. It is common for a freshly cut Christmas tree to drink dry an average water filled Christmas tree stand in the first 36 hours, especially in hot weather.

This beginning period is the most critical; even a matter of hours without water will affect the look of your tree. Your tree will drink less water after this period, so regular checks early will prevent your tree from running dry. Essentially, the sooner your Christmas tree is set up in a water filled bucket or stand, the better your tree will look for the duration of its life.

Other steps which will help to keep your tree looking its best include:

  • Keeping your tree in a shaded part of the house (i.e. away from windows which catch the all day sun)

  • Keeping your tree away from heat sources such as heaters, air conditioning units and television sets

  • Using Christmas tree lights that produce low heat (smaller versions) and are in good working order. Turning your Christmas tree lights off before you go to bed will help prevent your tree from dehydrating.

  • Using a stand that is the right fit for your tree. Chipping away at the base of your tree to fit into a stand will affect the trees ability to drink, as the outer layers of wood are most efficient at absorbing water.

  • Regular checks of your tree and following most of the above procedures should ensure your tree looks its best for the duration of the Christmas period.