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- A St Marys Primary School Fundraiser -

We are excited to be providing "Home Delivered Christmas Trees"(while spreading a little Christmas cheer....!)

'Real' pine purposely grown Christmas trees.....delivered to your door at no extra cost.


An exciting development for 2021 is all of our trees this year are purpose grown, specially shaped and pruned Christmas Trees! 'Hand picked' and cut down by our St Mary's Home and School fundraising team then delivered in top condition to your door, hassle free!


No trailers needed, no competing with the Christmas crowds, just the true essence of Christmas, with that beautiful festive smell. You can rest easy knowing that one of the big jobs for Christmas is all taken care of.

By purchasing a St Mary's Primary purposely grown Christmas pine tree you will get:

*The guarantee of a contactless delivery if COVID restrictions levels rise


* The iconic smell of fresh pine at Christmas time

* The opportunity to get the family together to decorate the real Christmas tree

* The chance to build memories of sitting under the Christmas tree with your presents ready to gift

PLUS no hassle, no pine trees through the car, no stress of leaving your home to go and find a Christmas tree, and you will be supporting a very appreciative little school in the Clutha District.

Christmas Trees throughout Otago

Our St Mary's School Fundraising team will deliver Christmas trees to almost anywhere in the Otago Area! 


Deliveries are on 4th of December 2021.

While we cannot guarantee an exact time of delivery on Saturday 4th of December 2021, rest assured you will receive it!

A courtesy text will be sent to you once we have dropped it off if you are not home.

If you are not able to be at home at the time of delivery, we would suggest you leave a large bucket of water out for us to pop the tree in until your return.

All of our trees are 'hand picked'

Free delivery to much of the Otago Area

Premium freshness & top condition!

Pine Cones

We are a charity. All profits from the sales of Otago Christmas Trees go to resources for the students of St Mary's Primary School.

Please support St Mary's Primary School by purchasing a healthy, freshly cut Christmas tree for your home, office or even a special event. There is nothing quite like the smell of pure pine to get you into the Christmas spirit. Trees that are well looked after can last up to 5 weeks. 

(see our Tree Care tips here)